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Innovative thinking is at the heart of Cadence Communications and Research. Part of our DNA is creating solutions for unmet needs in the healthcare industry. Our integrated crossover services blend the discipline of market research, the scientific knowledge of our PhD-level staff, and our connections with highly regarded KOL members of the medical community.

Crossover Services:

The Cadence Method

Our proprietary qualitative market research methodology uncovers the real-world impact of emerging clinical data and products. By facilitating peer-based discussions and patient case studies in HCP focus groups moderated by our PhD-level staff, we provide our clients with nuanced insights that inform strategic decision-making.

Blinded Insight Boards

This method combines market research precision with medical communications expertise. These advisory board sessions, moderated by skilled PhD-level staff, offer clients the opportunity to engage with academic and community experts in focused discussions that yield nuanced, tangible intelligence for drug development and marketing strategies.

KOL Identification & Mapping

Our comprehensive approach to KOL identification and mapping ensures that our clients engage with the most appropriate skilled and respected leaders for their needs. We offer an integrated analysis that blends high-level analysis and synthesizes secondary research, tiered rankings, and geographic trends to develop a final profile ranked by region. By combining top-down research with bottom-up insights gathered from community physicians, we provide a holistic view of the KOL landscape specific to each disease state or therapeutic approach. Our approach goes far beyond the traditional analysis to offer a broader, more reliable, data-driven foundation to make decisions.

KOL Connect

Cadence supports planning, engagement, and tracking, which assists our clients in building and maintaining relationships with global industry thought leaders. Each tailored engagement strategy is a high-touch approach to ensure organizational coordination while making every KOL interaction meaningful.

Crossover Services represents a paradigm of integrated expertise, combining market research and medical communications to drive success in the healthcare industry. With our customized approach, deep scientific knowledge, and innovative service offerings, we empower our clients to make informed decisions that ultimately improve patients’ lives.

These unique offerings exemplify our commitment to operational support, knowledge transfer, and excellence in client collaboration.

To learn more about how you can benefit your organization, visit our KOL Center of Excellence or contact us today.


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