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Market Research

Asking the right questions to the right people and making sense of it all is at the heart of any market research organization.

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Tracking & Market
Response Studies

Market Access

Rare Disease
Patient Research

Cadence Market Research offers a wide array of qualitative and quantitative services. Our clients see us as experts in product development and launch research as well as tracking and market response studies. We have the ability to combine strong methodologies with local knowledge, and wide therapeutic experience. Cadence uses qualitative and quantitative methods spanning both primary and secondary data-based approaches to provide clients with customer insights and drive competitive advantage. Our expertise in Market Access / Reimbursement is derived from leading numerous access launches for blockbuster products in the areas of oncology, endocrinology and infectious diseases, as well as many others.


Pre-launch Research

Cadence Market Research has supported numerous product launches through the structured execution of a sequence of market research studies designed to generate key insights. These studies build upon each other and are designed to inform the launch strategy and its tactical implementation.


Tracking & Market Response Studies

Quantitative research methods are helpful in providing statistical information about research questions so that accurate conclusions can be drawn from the data and findings can be generalized from the sample to a broader population.

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Market Access MR

In today’s complex reimbursement environment, issues regarding the payer landscape, support services, etc. can make the critical difference between a successful product launch and failure. Although true of any mission-critical project, issues regarding reimbursement and market access require project members to have deep expertise to truly identify and extract key insights.


Rare Disease Patient Research

Working with rare diseases and patients offer unique challenges to market researchers. Combining the two can prove to be an insurmountable task for many. At Cadence, we have perfected how we work in a very difficult area in terms of recruiting, surveying and insight development.

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