Medical Communications

Asking the right questions to the right people and making sense of it all is at the heart of any market research organization.

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Medical Content

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Medical Writing

Our Medical Communications group provides a wide range of services from simple logistical support to highly collaborative development of scientific content. The key to our success in this area has been our experience and expertise, willingness and ability to be flexible, our industry understanding and ultimately our flawless execution.

Typical projects include: KOL management through our Cadence KOL Connect® platform, advisory board meetings, speaker programs, medical manuscript writing, slide development and scientific poster creation, etc. Ultimately, the success or failure of each project is based on whether we were able to help our client make a smarter decision in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our clients demonstrate their satisfaction through repeat business.


Medical Content Support

Our team has a high focus on customer service and ensures that the key data and analysis are accurately presented and captured. We use an evidence-based approach and have a robust understanding of our customers’ medical communications objectives. Our content experts have extensive experience in working with complex data and are able to convert them into visual presentations that fulfill our client’s communication needs. In addition, our executive summaries exhibit a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives and provide relevant and actionable solutions. We work continuously and diligently to provide the highest scientific value to our customers.


KOL Management Services

At Cadence, we have developed strong long-term relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) around the world. Our high touch, authentic orientation towards working with world-renowned physicians is the backbone of our approach. Our services include KOL mapping, identification and ranking as well as engagement plans and a unique relationship tracking database system we call Cadence KOL Connect®.

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Logistical Support

The Cadence team organizes numerous meetings every year in the US and globally. Cadence meeting planners enjoy close relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), community physicians, payers and other healthcare practioners to provide a custom meeting experience that leads to high participant and client satisfaction. Cadence has extensive experience in live meetings as well as web-based interactions in this field.


Medical Writing Training

Our medical writing team provides outstanding workshops either in person, on-site or through a cost-effective online platform that combines continuing professional education with real-time project consultation. Cadence instructors partner with your professional education coordinator to plan and execute each medical writing workshop to ensure your medical writing staff and projects remain at the highest level of expertise and excellence.

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