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KOL Center of Excellence

We operate two interrelated domains: market research and medical communications. We leverage these areas to foster operational support and knowledge transfer between the divisions. This combination coupled with our deep relationships with leading physicians around the world provides the basis for our Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Center of Excellence 

Co-founder & Managing Principal

Our KOL Center of Excellence blends these areas, providing a platform of solutions that can be mixed and matched to client needs. We focus on KOL research and management, offering services such as:

• KOL Identification and Mapping
• KOL Relationship Management
• KOL Engagement Plans
• KOL Connect
• Blended Proprietary Solutions


Blinded Insight Boards

The Blinded Insights Board is an innovative crossover product from Cadence that uniquely blends our expertise in both Medical Communications and Market Research. This platform takes the format of an advisory board, enhanced by the precision and analysis typical of market research. We recruit academic or community physicians as advisory board members for a two-hour meeting held either online or in person. These sessions are moderated by skilled PhD-level Cadence staff or medical experts, ensuring high-quality, focused discussions.

Clients can add specific questions for open forum discussions and proprietary follow-up queries, enabling tailored insights. The Board offers various access and sponsorship options, making it adaptable to different budgetary requirements. Its deliverables, including detailed post-discussion transcripts, slide sets, and executive summaries, provide a comprehensive view of discussions and insights. This approach is invaluable for pharmaceutical companies, offering deep, actionable insights to guide drug development, marketing strategies, and understanding market dynamics.

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KOL COE Services

The Cadence Method

Two unique blended service offerings further leverage KOL expertise through our clinical case forums.


The Cadence Method is a proprietary qualitative market research methodology developed to identify the real-world impact of emerging clinical data and products. This unique approach combines nuanced peer-based discussion with iterative patient cases in a HCP focus group moderated by our PhD-level staff.

Our customized, high-touch approach, deep scientific knowledge, and innovative service offerings empower our clients to make informed decisions regarding their products, ultimately improving patients’ lives.

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KOL COE Services

KOL Identification & Mapping

Identifying the most appropriate physicians to engage with is a critical initial step, though doing this thoughtfully and strategically can be complex. The typical approach focuses on easily identifiable traits like publication history, committee memberships, and affiliations with renowned research centers. This top-down approach often results in a list of names but may not reveal which KOLs are sought after by community physicians. Considering both globally/nationally recognized KOLs and up-and-coming regional influencers is crucial.

At Cadence, we employ a comprehensive approach, combining the traditional top-down approach based on secondary research with the primary research-driven bottom-up approach conducted by our market research team. By surveying community physicians, we gain insights into which sources they rely on for therapeutic decision-making. This bottom-up approach, combined with top-down research, provides a holistic and accurate picture of the KOL community specific to a disease state or therapeutic approach.

KOL COE Services

KOL Connect

The Cadence Communications KOL Connect Platform supports and sustains your relationships with industry thought leaders by pairing our deep understanding of oncology with cutting-edge technology. Each KOL possesses unique strengths and expertise. Some excel at engaging audiences through exceptional speaking skills and communicating critical information to community clinicians. Others demonstrate a deep understanding of designing and implementing clinical trials to evaluate potential therapies. Many serve on guideline committees and possess insights into the medical community’s aspirations to expand patient therapeutic options. Recognizing the diverse interests, skills, and roles of KOLs, companies must carefully tailor their engagement strategies and pair specific activities with individual KOLs to maximize the benefits for the medical community. 

KOL COE Services

KOL Engagement Plans

Cadence Communications KOL Services creates novel opportunities to build and maintain relationships with industry thought leaders in real-time and worldwide through individual person-to-person meetings. Building and maintaining relationships with the KOL community requires a long-term strategic vision supported by ongoing tactical efforts. The focus should be on nurturing relationships with KOLs over time, emphasizing the value of collaboration, regular communication, and knowledge-sharing. This approach fosters trust and strengthens the partnership, enabling a deeper understanding of mutual goals and driving meaningful progress.

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KOL COE Services

KOL Market Snapshot Reports

Cadence Market Snapshot reports provide meaningful and actionable insights on the current market trends, challenges, and opportunities in the oncology market at significant cost savings to traditional research. Our reports are delivered quickly after key conferences to provide the most up-to-date data releases so you can make informed clinical and commercial decisions.They are based on in-depth interviews with key opinion-leading physicians from renowned academic medical centers in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and are designed to help clients stay at the forefront of predicting the future of the oncology market and advancements in research and treatment.