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Have you wondered what our Market Access work is like? Take a peek below at some recent projects.

If you have similar needs in your organization for our assistance, we’d be happy to hear what your needs are and discuss how we would approach addressing them.  Email Greg Hall at to find out more.

  1. Biosimilar coding scenario testing. Worked with a biosimilar company to determine the impact that various coding scenarios could have on product uptake at the time of launch and beyond.  Conducted a qualitative market research study with 20 oncology practice managers as well as a quantitative study with another 50 practice managers and developed a financial impact model.  Completed all aspects of the project (from proposal to reporting results) in less than 4 weeks!!
  2. Reimbursement hotline and patient assistance program service vendor contract review and input. Assisted two separate clients by reviewing their vendor contracts and provided input for improvements in terms of service level metrics, contract terms, performance evaluations of their vendor, etc.  One client garnered 10% annual savings moving forward with improved contractual terms based on our input and direction.
  3. Perceptions of marketed product. We conducted an in-depth market research study with pharmacists and clinicians regarding a product used in the hospital inpatient and outpatient setting.  We probed on clinical, cost and payment issues impacting product uptake.  Significant findings included how this class of products is evaluated both from a therapeutic and economic stand point and what are the key differentiators among this class of products given similar safety and efficacy profiles.

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Cadence Research & Consulting is a healthcare communications, research and consulting firm that supports its clients through scientific content development and meeting planning, market research and strategy work. Leveraging a unique business model, Cadence offers a collaborative, high touch, expertise based approach for all its clients. Cadence clients span a broad array of companies within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and health IT segments.

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