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While it’s easy to dismiss operations as a mundane topic, it is, in fact, the unsung hero and the backbone that keeps the wheels turning in any successful organization. At Cadence Communications & Research we are committed to bringing the human element in all the work we do. Over the years, we have developed a way of working that extends even into this seemingly systematized part of our business.

Here are the steps we have taken to make our operations more human centered.

  1. Be kind. Systems exist for people, not the other way around. Whenever possible, try to create processes that people will be able to use easily. When implementing new systems, ask staff for their feedback, not just on the efficacy of the process but also on the ease of use. We often ask staff for ways to make things easier for them.
  2. Be transparent. With the growing number of global regulations around privacy and security, staff members find themselves responsible for compliance almost daily. In the pharmaceutical industry, our company has a dizzying number of regulations that govern almost everything we do, down to what can be attached to an email. We’ve found that the more information we give our staff about why we are implementing processes, the easier it is for them to comply. We’ve even found that when our staff understands the requirements, they’ve offered helpful suggestion about ways to improve our security and our processes.
  3. Be supportive. The Finance and Administration group considers it their job to remove obstacles for everyone on our staff. When our project managers pointed out how time consuming their expense reports were, our staff accountant found a simpler system that’s also compatible with our accounting system. We recently implemented a new spam filter that it easier for staff to manage and better protects the company from spam and fraud.

We approach operations by considering the human element, educating the staff, and removing obstacles. The Cadence Way means prioritizing the well-being and ease of both our employees and clients’ lives, unlocking the true potential of our business, creating a thriving and harmonious work environment.


Author Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is the Director of Business Operations & Compliance at Cadence Communications and Research. Prior to working at Cadence, she worked at Amgen, Toyota, Warner Brothers, and Disney. She is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and has a certificate in Toyota Production Management. She graduated from UC Davis and did additional studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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