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We are excited to announce that Cadence’s co-founder and co-owner Sugata Biswas, will be delivering a TEDx talk this Friday, April 19th at the University of Texas, Dallas.

In his talk, Fearless: How to Embrace Micro-Risks for a Purpose-Driven Life, he will reflect on his personal experience with learning and later overcoming his fear of failure. He’ll relate how his life changed in an instant when he was in a car accident that resulted in the death of a professional colleague.This defining moment fueled his desire to overcome his fears. He’ll also shares a simple practice that can help everyone break free of their fear of failure.

Sugata and Cadence as a whole feel very passionate about this because we see so many people who live a life that is less than what they could be living because they fear the consequences of failing. “What if I fail?” becomes a mantra for the inner critic and is used to coerce us into pursuing a life limited to comfort and safety. We lose sight of things that we are passionate about. Pursuing what we want is inherently risky and uncomfortable, but the rewards are great.

Register here. 

The event will be posted online so, if you are interested in hearing it, please get in touch with us to receive the link!

Good luck Sugata!

To learn more about TEDxUTD here. 

What is a TEDx talk? How is different than a TEDx talk?

TED is a non-profit organization focused on spreading ideas globally through short, powerful talks. It originated in 1984 as a conference bringing together technology, entertainment, and design with a mission of fostering deeper understanding across disciplines and cultures. Founded by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks, TED grew into an annual event in Monterey, California, featuring speakers from various fields– it has since expanded to include TED Talks, Conferences, The Audacious Project, and global TEDx events. TEDx is a branch of TED that allows local communities to organize their own TED-like events independently.

TEDx events are independently organized local gatherings that follow the format of TED Talks but with a different focus: TEDx centers on specific geographic areas, providing a platform for community members to share TED-like talks and presentations. TEDx operates under TED’s licensing and guidelines, akin to a franchise model.

Key features of TEDx include:

  • TED Format: Like TED Talks, TEDx events feature short, well-prepared talks and demonstrations that spark meaningful conversations.
  • Diversity of Topics: TEDx covers a wide array of subjects, including technology, science, design, business, activism, and community issues, ensuring a diverse range of voices and perspectives.
  • Community-Driven and Bias-Free Content: Organized by local volunteers, TEDx events aim to foster conversation, connection, and community without commercial, religious, or political agendas.

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