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At Cadence Communications & Research, we’re proud to serve the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry after 15 years in business. During this time, we’ve gained valuable experience and insights, allowing us to improve and excel in our Market Research and Medical Communications services. We’re thrilled to leverage this knowledge with this blog series: 15 Lessons We’ve Learned at Cadence.


As a thriving medical communications company, Cadence Communications & Research (CCR)has worked with numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Through our experience, we have learned that building strong relationships with key stakeholders within client companies is critical to the success of any project. Here are some suggestions for other vendor companies to help foster strong relationships with clients.

  1. Establish Open Communication: At CCR, open communication is key to building strong client relationships. This means being transparent about timelines, deliverables, and any potential issues that may arise. By establishing clear lines of communication, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.
  2. Listen and Be Responsive: When working with clients, listening to their needs and concerns is essential. Being responsive to their questions and feedback can help build trust and confidence in your abilities. At CCR, we strive to be available and responsive to our clients’ needs, whether answering a quick question or providing more in-depth feedback.
  3. Build Personal Relationships: Building strong relationships with critical stakeholders goes beyond just the work. Getting to know your clients personally is essential, which can help establish trust and create a more collaborative working relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with your clients, but taking the time to learn about their interests and goals can help you better understand their needs and tailor your services accordingly.

Recently, a pharmaceutical startup was launching a new product to treat a rare disease, but their small Medical Affairs team was overburdened and struggling to develop necessary scientific materials. They sought the help of CCR’s Medical Content team to develop scientific posters for an upcoming medical conference. Working closely together, our team developed a strong relationship with a key member of the Medical Affairs team who served as the liaison. Throughout the project, they were pleased with both the quality of the scientific posters developed and our professionalism. This experience has led to a further partnership with the client as Cadence has continued to support its scientific communication needs.

In conclusion, building solid relationships with key stakeholders within client companies is critical to the success of any project. Companies like Cadence Communications & Research can foster a more collaborative and productive working relationship with their clients by establishing open communication, being responsive, and building personal relationships.

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