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At Cadence Communications & Research, we’re proud to serve the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry after 15 years in business. During this time, we’ve gained valuable experience and insights, allowing us to improve and excel in our Market Research and Medical Communications services. We’re thrilled to leverage this knowledge with this blog series: 15 Lessons We’ve Learned at Cadence.

Cadence’s mission extends beyond delivering exceptional medical communications and research services. We believe in the power of partnership and the importance of aligning our efforts with the goals and objectives of our client companies. Understanding and supporting our clients’ ambitions is not just good business practice—it’s a cornerstone of our philosophy. Here’s how we, and other vendor companies, can ensure we’re truly in sync with our clients:

  1. Engage in Active Listening
    The first step to understanding our clients’ goals is through active listening. This means engaging in meaningful conversations where we ask insightful questions and, more importantly, listen to the answers. It’s about reading between the lines and grasping the what and the why behind their objectives.
  2. Foster Collaborative Relationships
    True understanding comes from collaboration. By working closely with our clients and considering ourselves an extension of their team, we can gain deeper insights into their aspirations. This collaborative approach ensures that our strategies and solutions are perfectly tailored to support their objectives.
  3. Implement a Flexible Approach
    Client goals can evolve, and so should our strategies. Maintaining a flexible approach allows us to adapt our services and deliverables to meet changing needs and objectives. This agility is crucial in the dynamic landscape of healthcare and medical research.

We recently were asked to assist a pharmaceutical client with a clear objective: to enhance patient education around their diabetes management products. Their goal was to inform and empower patients to take control of their health. They sought Cadence’s expertise to create a comprehensive content strategy that would resonate with patients and caregivers alike. Cadence’s first step was to conduct a series of workshops with our client’s team, diving deep into their vision and the needs of their target audience. This collaborative effort highlighted the need for a multi-channel approach, combining traditional educational materials with interactive digital content. Leveraging the latest in content management technology and our team’s medical expertise, Cadence developed a suite of materials that included easy-to-understand guides, engaging video content, and an interactive app that allowed patients to track their health metrics. Each piece of content was designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring accessibility, relevance, and, most importantly, empowerment. The result was a significant increase in patient engagement and satisfaction for our client, directly supporting their goal of improved patient outcomes. This success story exemplifies how understanding and aligning with client objectives can produce impactful results.

At Cadence, we believe that our role goes beyond being a service provider. We are partners in our clients’ success, committed to understanding their goals and working diligently to support them. By engaging in active listening, fostering collaborative relationships, and maintaining a flexible approach, we ensure our efforts always align with our clients’ objectives. This commitment to understanding and support sets Cadence apart and drives our continued success in medical communications and research.

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