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Below is just some of the feedback that we have received from our clients over the years.  We have identified those clients who have given us permission to do so.  These words reflect a body of work that we have amassed over the years and they mean a great deal to us.

“The clear reports with actionable recommendations that Cadence provides and their ability to quickly plan effective, streamlined meetings for us has made them an instrumental collaborator.”

          Daniel P. Lundberg – Vice President, Marketing
          Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“What I appreciate about Cadence are their ability to focus on details, respond quickly, their close relationship with key opinion leaders, and the ease with which they can accommodate last minute requests.”

          Bing Yuan – Executive Director and Head, Life Cycle Strategy
          Novartis Oncology

“You do an excellent job, provide an ‘A’ team quality experience, are highly professional and work seamlessly with our staff.”

          Wendy Ashman – Director of Operations
          Physicians Education Resource

 “ [Market Research Team Lead] is great to work with.  She is very easy to work with, knowledgeable, flexible and brings a high level of experience to projects.”                    

          Corey Hansen – Director, Marketing Research & Strategic Analysis,
          Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“[Medical Communications Team Member] is fantastic to work with.  The entire team was organized and professional at all times.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

          Chief Executive Officer 

“I feel that I have a partner in the research and not just somebody trying to get business.  I don’t have to ‘babysit’ Cadence like I do with other vendors.  I trust Cadence – and that is a big deal.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“My experience with Cadence has been excellent. I like that I can bounce ideas off the team and they can turn them into a great study. I know that when I have Cadence on the job I don’t have to worry – I really trust the team.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“I appreciate knowing the team will perform and deliver at 100%.  Cadence has my full trust.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“As great as Cadence Research has been to work with, their true talent lies in their ability to build the simplest, most comprehensive reports in the industry. Cadence is able to take qualitative interviews and develop meaningful summaries, conclusions, and action steps. The reports are easy to read and understand and are visually pleasing. The use of text, color and graphics are used to deliver the results of the research with no ambiguities.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“I had a great experience working with the Cadence team. The team was professional, dedicated, and excited to dig into the material at hand – this was not an arm’s length approach but something where the team really provided significant value in the subject matter as well as the interviews. The feedback, depth, and frank commentary throughout the project were great. The thought that went into the analysis and the interpretation of the data was fantastic.”

          Diagnostics Client

“Cadence is always available as a resource before, during and more importantly, after any project.  The team’s ability to apply the research findings to your business goals is unlike any other.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“With this study I really appreciated the moderator digging in where we really needed him too.  Sometimes it’s hard to build a discussion guide that gets into the real ‘meat’ of what we want to know – especially when it’s hard for physicians to verbalize their reasoning.  The moderator really became an extension of the brand team in getting to the heart of the matter.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“Cadence is very flexible and knowledgeable about a broad range of pharma and healthcare areas.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“The ability to integrate the qual and quant pieces seamlessly.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“We really appreciate Cadence’s flexibility to respond to our last minute changes given our startup nature. Additionally, we have created a really good relationship in that they are able to learn from each ad board they organize and apply those learnings to future meetings on how we like meetings run. They are always professional and organized and ensure that client satisfaction is a high priority.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“The greatest part about working with Cadence Research is that they become an extension of our team. They participate in our brainstorming and debriefing sessions, and serve as an active member of the team during final presentations. Their advice and opinions are regarded as highly as any other people on our team. The expertise and experience they bring our team have been invaluable.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“The Cadence team does two things that I especially appreciate. First, if a problem or situation comes up, the team always has a solution in mind when they let me know that something is happening. They never come to me with the problem and wait for me to tell them what to do. Their suggestion may not always be the plan we ultimately take, but being problem-solvers, instead of just problem-announcers, is hugely helpful. The second thing is that they always roll with the punches. Things change often and quickly on our programs, and if they are frustrated, I never know it. They can handle any crazy request I throw at them, and they smile while they do it. I also just generally appreciate everyone on the team. They are a pleasure to work with, and they make the (sometimes long and stressful) programs fun.”

          Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Client

 “I want to thank you for keeping up with all the changing ad board invites and for managing 3 different ad boards for us. There’s a lot going on with these ad boards and we all appreciate your tremendous work and flexibility as we try to fill up spots. You’re doing a great job for us!”

          Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Client

“Thanks for an excellent advisory board this weekend in New York. The entire meeting was a great success, mostly because of the flawless execution of your team. I wanted to thank you for all your efforts. I know the amount of work that goes into the advisory board and you did a superb job. We obtained valuable feedback that was instrumental in our development decisions. The credit goes to your team. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

          Large Pharmaceutical Client

“Thanks for arranging a most well conducted meeting. Please pass along my appreciation to the others in Cadence.”

          Advisor Attendee – Cadence Event

“The (meeting) went perfect.  I don’t think it could have gone any better.  The sales team was thrilled.”

          Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Client 

“My experience with the Cadence team has been nothing but outstanding. Everyone has been on top of every detail and always willing to go the extra mile, not to mention an all-around pleasure to work with. I truly don’t worry about any programs that Cadence is managing, because I know they are in such good hands.”

          Pharmaceutical Client

“[Medical Communications Team]– We really appreciate you going the extra mile…thanks again for a successful 2 days.”

          Pharmaceutical Client


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Cadence Research & Consulting is a healthcare communications, research and consulting firm that supports its clients through scientific content development and meeting planning, market research and strategy work. Leveraging a unique business model, Cadence offers a collaborative, high touch, expertise based approach for all its clients. Cadence clients span a broad array of companies within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and health IT segments.

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