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Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative Capabilities

From conjoint analyses to ATU studies, our quantitative research focuses on not only selecting the right approach but also presenting the information in the clearest possible manner. There is a certain of art to creating well-designed surveys. The wording for each question, overall flow, use of open-ended and closed questions, and even the display of the questions themselves contribute to the overall success of the instrument.

Designing the survey is just the start of it. Qualitative testing of the survey, execution, analysis and presentation development are critical to the overall success of the project. We love data and understand the temptation to pack each slide, each report with as much data as possible. However, our belief is that data without purpose only creates additional noise that our clients will have to filter out. It is this belief that drives us to write clear, concise and actionable reports.

We work with the top panel companies in the world and have deep experience in conducting large-scale online surveys with a wide variety of caregivers, patients and office practice managers. Click here to request a set of sanitized slides that show how we approach report writing.

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