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Pre-Launch Research

Our Pre-Launch market research studies encompass the following types of projects:

Buying Process:
Understand the process of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Our approach is based on multiple perspectives: patients, physicians, nurses and other caregivers. This allows us to weave a more complete story of what the patient is experiencing, how decisions are being made and where the opportunities sit.

Identify key attitudinal and usage metrics to subdivide the target market to help focus the brand strategy and tactical plan.

Optimize the product’s positioning in the competitive landscape in terms of clinical and non-clinical benefits and unmet needs.

Message Testing:
Identify and test creative messages that communicate the product position in a compelling way.

Concept Testing:
Identify the concept that best embodies branding characteristics and drives prescribing.

Detail Aid Testing:
Evaluate sale aid materials to determine how well it communicates the benefits of the product.

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