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Market Access MR

The market access team has broad experience with U.S. payer channels as well as the hospital/IDN setting. Our team has:

  • Lead multiple market access launches for blockbuster products.
  • Conducted extensive research among ACOs, IDNs, Pharmacies and Payers.
  • Designed and managed market access programs: reimbursement assistance, REMS, patient assistance, foundation planning and support, etc.
  • Deep understanding of the specialty pharmacy setting.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Benchmarking access services of competitive programs or ‘best in class’ programs prior to launch.
  • Payer research to gauge receptivity to positioning, price and value messages.
  • Payer, Patient, OPM (office practice manager) and Provider Advisory Board.
    •  Our Medical Communications team can seamlessly deliver the logistics.
  • Post-launch payer tracking.
  • Evaluation of HUB design, copay card considerations, foundation support.
  • Real world data and analytics assessments.
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