Patient Centered Care

The best outcomes occur when solutions are designed around the patient.

Laura Smith
Founder, Patient Centered Care

Many of us at Cadence Communications & Research have witnessed firsthand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be to a family. The initial state of shock and denial is typically followed by feelings of helplessness, confusion, and anxiety about the future.

“There was always the fear of not knowing what was going to happen to me.”

– Survivor of breast cancer


Navigating oncology is too complex

Recent advancements in cancer diagnostics and treatment have greatly improved clinical outcomes, but they have also made the oncology paradigm highly complex and difficult to navigate for the average person. Additionally, oncology-related care is typically focused on treating the physical manifestations of disease while a patient’s mental health and overall wellbeing are not fully considered.

“A cancer diagnosis is a big black box, there are no classes and you can’t guess what’s going to happen”​

– Caregiver & Husband of Patient with Breast Cancer

“Doctors only tell you the minimum you need to know.”

– Survivor of breast cancer


We went to the source.

We sought to understand the challenges in greater depth by conducting research interviews with past or present cancer patients, caregivers, oncology nurses, and patient advocates. The interviews highlighted the need for greater patient and caregiver education and psychosocial support, which corroborated our own personal experiences as patients and caregivers.

“I really felt more empowered by just having more knowledge. Sometimes [doctors] are afraid of getting too technical, but I really like understanding how things work.”

– Survivor of breast cancer


Our goal is to use this research as a tool to guide our industry into a more patient-centered paradigm that supports the patient as a whole. As such, Cadence has made a commitment to developing and disseminating patient-focused educational and psychosocial information, materials, and programs designed to facilitate patients and caregivers to live their best lives during their cancer journeys.