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Medical Writing Training

Our medical instructors are highly experienced in teaching effective medical writing to a wide range of class participants. They have both extensive in-person classroom as well as on-line teaching experience to adapt to organizational needs.  Our instructors have experience in a wide range of therapeutic fields and understand the technical and stylistic elements to participants create the highest quality written materials.

  • We will customize instructional content to meet your specific educational needs based on product, market, therapeutic area, etc.
  • Educational materials will cover:
  • Foundations of communication skills
  • Technical and scientific writing techniques
  • Business writing practices
  • Oral presentations and slide development
  • Personality and communication styles
  • Courses can be delivered either 1 or 2 days in person, with up to 7 hours of material covered per day.
  • On-line delivery of courses can be done at your own pace with pre-set ‘homework’ review points to assist participants to move through the material and improve their skill level.
  • We support each participant with one-on-one consultation on real-time communication projects.
    Comprehensive workbooks are provided to each client developed in collaboration with your company’s professional education coordinator.
  • Specialized courses can be developed as needed for advanced medical writing, medical editing, grant writing, etc.
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